• Manufacturers of feed additives
  • Distributors of feed additives
To whom?
  • Optimization of the company's financial costs when entering the market
  • Rationalization of the company's time costs
  • Assistance in case of difficulties during the registration procedures
  • Supervision of the process of interaction with official authorized bodies
For what?
Registration of feed additives
  • Determining the type of feed additive
  • Initial assessment of documents and information provided by the company for the formation of the registration dossier
  • Development of a strategy for conducting registration procedures
  • Preparation of the registration dossier for submission to the authorized regulatory bodies of the Russian Federation
  • Preparation of documents in strict accordance with current legal requirements
  • Assistance in organizing the payment of state duties of the Russian Federation for foreign companies
  • Assistance in technical translation of registration dossier materials
  • Assistance in notarization of documents on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Organization of research of feed additive samples in an independent accredited laboratory of the Russian Federation during the formation of the registration dossier
  • Submission of the registration dossier to the authorized regulatory body of the Russian Federation
  • Accompanying the registration process in the expert body
  • Informing the client about the progress of the drug registration process
  • Timely completion of materials upon requests from authorized regulatory bodies
  • Receipt of the final registration documents by our experts in the authorized regulatory bodies of the Russian Federation and the EAEU countries and transfer of documents to the company
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